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Mentoring for All — A Plea for Help

In General Introductions on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 1:11 AM

We want to support mentoring. And we will do it any way we can. One way of doing it is providing this place to discuss ideas on how to go about supporting mentors and mentees. (NB! A mentee is someone who is receiving mentoring.)

First of all we want to invite you all to take part in the discussion. We have been building an international group to provide ideas and resources, and we will be linking to their sites as soon as we get our somewhat disorganized stuff in better order. That is happening; this blog is an indication of it.

We also want to build a web service (or local software) to support both mentors and mentees. The idea is to be much more than a calendar site with a database backend providing data persistence; however, we have perhaps too much of a good thing here. That is one thing where we believe you can help us. Look out for the specifications, which will be beginning to appear here within 24 hours. (Remember that much of it is not in “cleartext” form as of yet.)

To get somewhere with this we are trying to document our specifications and then later our HOWTOs with the idea that they will be useful.

We are going for an FOSS project when we get anything in place that we could use in practice; the idea is that nobody should go broke providing support for mentoring.