About WIP And This Blog

WIP is an acronym, that approximates the idea of Very, Very Important People.

Who are those people? They are our children.

Please hear us out. There is a shortage of parenting in Western societies — and as far as we are concerned, Japan and increasingly China can be considered “Western” enough in their culture to qualify (please see our links for more on the subject). So we are thinking, “what does a child need to become and adult with a healthy self image and self confidence?” It is mentoring.

The prime mentors are naturally parents/guardians. However, they have to impose some order in the life of their children, so the children often seek other adults without such an authority status to bounce their ideas back from. We encourage such mentoring, and we wish it could take place in every child’s life.

However, there is a shortage of mentoring as well as parenting. So the mentors that we have need to be wise about the use of their time and resources. Therefore we thought of a web service that helps mentors be organized in what they do. The specifications are very much of a living organism, and we are trying to come up with them as we speak; and we naturally welcome your input (see the legal rigmarole) on any issue.

We are talking about more than just another calendar/tasks service, but we’ll keep you posted as it develops. Or RSS feeds will, if you subscribe.


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