We are almost sorry for bringing up this, but we must have some things clear about this blog and the ideas presented herein. Thus, some legal rigmarole will be inserted here. All the text present here is either a link to someone else’s work, a credited quotation or is under copyleft.

In short, copyleft means that you can use and distribute (includes charging some fees) anything you find on this page that is produced by us or our contributors freely, providing you give full credit or distribute the full source, and make your distribution under one of the following licenses:

  1. GNU Free Documentation License or GFDPL for short. In short this means that we take no responsibility regarding your distribution whatsoever (distributed “as is”, without any implication of warranty considering its usefulness or usability). You can use and redistribute with only the basic requirements of FOSS/CC licensing. You can also find the full current text of GFPDL on this site;
  2. GNU Affero General Public License or AGPL . This is a version of GPL that closes an apparent loophole in it. See the full text on GNU.org or on this site;
  3. GNU General Public License or GPL. See full text on GNU.org or on this site;
  4. Creative Commons or CC;

whichever gives you the most control of how it is used.

In short this means that you agree that your modifications, ideas or propositions, whether considering our documentation, manuals, eventual software or general helps, can be used on two conditions:

  1. We (or anyone else) will not be able to claim your idea as our own. Nor can you yourself copyright the idea again after releasing it after one of the above mentioned licenses;
  2. We (or anyone else) can use your idea/proposition providing that we distribute it under the same license (hence all this legal rigmarole) and that we provide the recipients with both the original source and a copy of the license (GFDPL, AGPL, GPL or CC) in full;
  3. We (or anyone else, including you) are free to provide any service based on our documentation or sources for a fee, as long as the appropriate provisions of sharing full sources are met.

There are some subtler things there, but let’s not let them get in the way too much here. Main point is that whatever we produce aims to follow the FOSS idea of Freedom. That does not necessarily mean free of charge, but freedom to use it any way you want. That does, however, mean that our eventual source code can not be used as a library/text as a part of a closed-source/copyrighted work.


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