Your Comments Welcome

As the page title suggests, your comments are welcome. Remember, however, that when you click “Post Comment” you agree to the following:

  1. You certify that the text you are placing on our site does not infringe on anyone’s copyright, viz. you have the right to place the text here, either as your own or a quotation from someone else. Ideas may be free, but if you copy and paste, at least you should be gentlefolk enough to give credit to the original writer(s).
  2. We take no responsibility regarding your ideas or propositions whatsoever.
  3. You will refrain from using vulgar or pejorative language or derogatory expressions regarding persons living or dead.
  4. Your text will be placed under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDPL for short), GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL for short), GNU General Public License (GPL) or Creative Commons (CC), whichever gives you the most control of how it is used.
    In short this means that you agree that your idea or proposition, whether considering our documentation, manuals, eventual software or general helps, can be used on two conditions:

    1. We (or anyone else) will not be able to claim your idea as our own and/or make them a part of a copyrighted work/closed-source project. Nor can you yourself copyright the idea again after releasing it after one of the above mentioned licenses;
    2. We (or anyone else) can use your idea/proposition providing that we distribute it under the same license (hence all this legal rigmarole) and that we provide the recipients with both the original source and a copy of the license (GFDPL, AGPL, GPL or CC) in full.

Gee, we hope all that doesn’t scare you away? Be free to comment. Our intention is not to use previously copyrighted or patented texts/sources unless they are licensed under one of the above, nor to copyright your source as our own and then charge other people money for it.

Shortlink to this page: http://wp.me/PGcU9-6


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